Sintered Stone Specification

Sintered Stone is manufactured using latest technology which mimic the processes that form natural stones. It is made of natural components, including quart minerals, clays, feldspar, silica, natural mineral and pigments. To the untrained eye, Sintered Stone is almost impossible to distinguish from natural stone.

Our production equipment: 

Italy System 30,000 tons pressing machine, 16-channel high-definition inkjet printer, fully intelligent super large 20-box automatic billet storage system and other imported equipment.

What are the benefits of Sintered Stone?

Durable, Weatherproof, Unaffected by heat or cold, Waterproof, Stainproof, Very hard to chip, scratch or damage, Easy to clean,Food safe and hygienic, Non-porous which means the stone doesn’t need sealing.

What Is Sintered Stone Used For?

The popularity of sintered slab has steadily grown in recent years, and it is foreseeable that it will be the trend of the future. As the sintered slab adds much value to both interior and exterior designs, it enjoys a wide range of application, usually including indoor living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom & balcony, outdoor garden patios, landscaping, gardening, swimming pool tiling, patios, furniture like countertop, vanity top, table top, cabinet door and exterior building facades, hotel lobbies, high end boutique stores and airports. It can be used for almost anything stone can be.  

We are committed to providing an overall customized solution for the space with excellent performance, environmentally friendly and healthy new materials and innovative designs.

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Sintered Stone Vs Quartz

Sintered stone has a better resistance to stains, heat and chemicals compared with quartz, heat resistance is a particularly popular characteristic as quartz can have burn marks or change colour when subjected to heat. But also it can be relatively difficult to repair in case of damage.

Sintered Stone is an excellent option for outdoor projects as it is weatherproof and waterproof, whereas it is not recommended to use quartz outside.

Most of the sintered stone colour and pattern does not run through the thickness of the slab, leaving edges without a homogeneous finish. While quartz stone can be same color full-body. 

Quartz stone mostly used for countertops, vanity tops, thickness 20mm and 30mm. 

Sintered stone can be used for countertops, vanity tops, also widely used for floor and wall, thickness comes 3mm, 6mm,  12mm, 15mm, 20mm.

Both materials are harder than Marble and available in a variety of colours. Sintered stone have more natural looking colors than quartz. 

Sintered Stone Slab Size: 900x1800mm, 800x2600mm, 1200x2400mm, 1200x2700mm, 1600x2700mm, 1600x3200mm etc. 

More specification, please consult customer service.


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