Overmount or Undermount Sink

There are many aspects of a kitchen sink to consider, such as size, depth, dividers and materials. Deciding whether you are looking for an over or undermount sink is best decided first, as it will simplify your decisions down the road. Your countertop material will be a key factor in this decision.

Undermount sinks have that name because they sit under the counter, so that the the edge of the sink is below the level of the countertop. 

Undermount sinks have their advantages and drawbacks. Examine the pros and cons to decide if one is right for your kitchen.

undermount sink.jpg


~ Creates attractive, clean lines in your kitchen

~ Gives you slightly more counter space

~ Easy to wipe food and liquid messes directly into the sink

~ Undermount sinks can be deeper for cleaning large pots and pans


~ Usually more expensive

~ Professional installation recommended

~ Water can get into gap between the sink and the counter if not perfectly sealed. Top craftsmanship is advised.

~ Best used with waterproof, non-porous countertops like quartz, granite, marble etc. 

Undermount sinks are not appropriate for counters that are not water-tight, such as wood.  Talk to your contractor to be sure that the materials and sealing techniques that they use are suitable for an undermount sink.

Cordial building can cut out the sink hole and install it to the countertop if needed. 

Overmount Sinks

Also called top-mount or drop-in sinks, overmount sinks have a lip that sits above, and covers a small area of the countertop. They also have both pros and cons.

above counter sink.jpg


~ Appropriately called drop-in sinks, overmount sinks are easier for DIY installation.

~ Generally more affordable, even with pro installation.

~ Appropriate for porous countertops or countertops that are not solid and need protection, such as butcher block counters


~ The raised lip of the sink interrupts the level surface of the countertop

~ Can collect crumbs and water around the edges, which can result in mold.

Overmount sinks are appropriate for any material countertop, as the the lip of the sink covers the countertop edge entirely, preventing any moisture from reaching the counter material.

Whether an overmount or undermount sink is right for your kitchen depends on your budget, preferences, desire to do it yourself, and countertop material. 

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